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         The Gates was the first venue we went to go see, and immediately it was my favorite already. I went to see other venues around the area and The Gates was still the most unique and elegant venue I had come across. Lettie is the sweetest; she did an amazing job with my wedding! My guest loved it.

        Mrs. Jasso (Monica Montoya) 2018

Great venue!! I was very pleased with everything. Mrs. Gonzalez (Laura Perez) 2017

      This was the perfect venue for our wedding. My husband and I fell in love with it at first sight and looked no where else! We got the all inclusive package, which came with almost everything and we were able to plan our wedding in about 2 months! Lettie and Evie were great event planners with awesome ideas and suggestions, and Evie made our wedding reception perfect, it ran with out a hitch! We definitely recommend this beautiful venue to anyone and everyone!

      Mrs. Irias (Gabriela Llamas) 2017

      I signed with the Gates on Main St. in November of 2014 right after getting engaged. Evie & Lettie were a key role in the success of my wedding planning. They kept me on track, gave me advice, and above all had my best interest in mind the whole time. They are very easy to work with and very accessible. This reception venue is absolutely gorgeous and it comes with so many amenities. I have very bad anxiety, and these ladies took care of me and so many details so that I did not have to worry. My wedding date is in March, but I know that it is going to be the most perfect day. Every step of the planning process has not only been easy with this venue, but so enjoyable because the ladies that work here are so friendly. I think of them more as friends now then just "wedding planners." I promise you will fall in love with this place just like me and my fiance did! I will be sad to not have to meet here every so often when my wedding is over.

        Mrs. Russell (Katy Ward) 2016

     I have felt no more at ease than after I visited with Evie for the first time a few weeks ago! She was very responsive from the get go a few months back when I emailed inquiring about their services. Working full time has made my wedding worries increase but thus far all my worries have almost completely subsided! The venue itself is gorgeous, simply elegant! I've met with one of their DJs and have chosen to use him! (He is as friendly as Evie!) We are making plans for our "theme/decor" meeting and I'm not one bit worried as I am far from a design/theme/scheme expert. From the photos I've seen I know I am in good hands. I'm so excited for our future wedding reception here at the Gates!     Mrs. Carraway  (Veronica Zavala) 2016

      So impressed with this venue; it's gorgeous! What makes The Gates so wonderful would be the staff! They truly take the time help personalize your day to be exactly what you want. When you are unsure how to finish off a detail they are already a step ahead and have suggestions that'll you'll love! I am one of those ppl that knows exactly what they want. Many other venues we looked at limit you to only their decor or vision. At The Gates you get to run wild with your ideas. My photographer said The Gates is a photographer's dream! She said the lighting was perfect, almost as if they designed venue with that in mind. The catering staff... beyond polite! I am a stickler for customer service and WOW! They seemed genuinely excited for us and they never left you in want. Food was delish too! Lettie and Evie are so friendly, it's as if they are your family. They respond quickly to emails, phone calls and text. You will never have to be stressed over any details of your day or using the vendors they offer. I could go on forever with nothing but great things to say about this place but I need to wrap this up. THIS IS THE VENUE YOU'VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR! Mrs. Galleno (Jessica Zaruba) 2016

      I had a great planning experience at the Gates. My planner listened to what I wanted and made great recommendations to help give me what I wanted. When I had special request for things they had never done before, she contacted the other vendors and made arrangements for me. The venue works to include as many things as possible to make planning easy but give you options for each detail so you still own each part of you wedding day. In my area, the cost at the Gates was almost half of what it was at other venues and we never lost any of the elegance or quality that we were looking for so that our day was special.     Mrs. Gaitan  (Wendy Oaks) 2016

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